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Desert Shadows Apartments - Homepage

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Desert Shadows Built?
The property was built in 1983.

What is the Pet Deposit?
The Pet deposit for one animal is $300 and a $15 monthly fee

Is there 3 Bedroom Apartments?
No, we only go up to 2 bedrooms.

Are their laundry facilities?
No, but each unit has washer/dryer hookups.

If my pet is a service/emotional support animal, do I have to pay the costs?
No, if you give us a form stating your pet is either a service/ emotional support animal then you do not have to pay anything.

When does the pool open and close?
The pool opens Memorial Day weekend and closes on Labor Day weekend.

Does it cost anything to be put on the waiting list?
No, being put on the waiting list is free