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Desert Shadows Criteria

All applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be approved for residency.


  1. Anyone wishing to apply for residency at Desert Shadows must complete and sign the TAARental Application.  Spouses may complete a single application and pay a single application fee.  Roommates must complete separate applications and pay separate fees.  Applications must be filled in completely     and signed by all applicants. Minor children will be listed as occupants and do not need to sign the application.  (Remember however that the AHDP is based on all family income less child's paper route, babysitting, etc.)



  1. Tenant Tracker's credit report must show no collections within the previous 18 months. Medical collections will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If credit report shows any collection(s), an applicant may still qualify for residency with a Letter of Guarantor (Co-signer). See co-signer section.
  2. Applicant(s) monthly gross salary must be at least 2.5 times the amount of the current market rental rate.  If the applicant is receiving housing assistance from SAHA, is a Section 8 Voucher Holder, is elderly or disabled, AND is on Social Security or Disability, the income requirement of 2.5 times the amount of rent will not be required. If the applicant(s) does not meet the income requirements, s/he may still be able to qualify for residency with a co-signer (see co-signer section).
  3. Tenant Tracker and/or on site verification must show that the applicant owes no money to another property. If an applicant does owe apartment complex money, s/he can still be approved if verification is provided that the debt has been paid.
  4. If an applicant has been evicted from an apartment complex due to non-payment of rent or other funds, disturbances, or other infractions of community policies or lease agreement, s/he can be denied residency based on these negative rental history reports.
  5. If an applicant does not have prior, verifiable rental history, the applicant will require a co-signer/ guarantor for the first year of residency.
  6. If an applicant has a criminal history with a conviction(s) for violent crime(s) which would include any conviction(s) with the use of firearms, crime(s) of a sexual nature, crime(s) against property or person(s) such as arson and theft but not limited to, and, conviction(s) of drug manufacturing or distribution the application will be denied.



If an applicant does not meet the income or credit requirements, s/he may still be able to qualify with a co-signer. A co-signer must sign a Guaranty of Lease.  The Guaranty of Lease states the co-signer will be responsible for paying any and all rent and other charges incurred by the resident should s/he fail to do so.  If the applicant needs a co-signer in order to be approved for residency, the co-signer will complete a Guaranty of Lease, which will be processed in the same manner as the applicant's application and will need to make a gross monthly salary of at least 3.5 times the amount of the rent the resident will be required to pay.  If the co-signer does not meet any of the requirements, the application will be denied and another co-signer will be needed.  The first co-signer application will be processed at no cost to the applicant or co-signer; any additional co-signers will pay the application processing fee set by property ($25.00).  Please note that a Guaranty of Lease is not a commitment of support. It does not require that the co-signer provide any funds to the applicant or the Apartment Complex; except in the event that monies are due and the applicant does not pay.  A Guaranty of Lease does not affect an applicant's income with regard to the Affordable Housing Program.




  1. Applicants participating in VASH will be required to submit an application in accordance with the above policy. However, the application fees will be waived.
  2. 2.  Income, credit, and rental history will be verified for informational purposes only and will not be used to determine.